Dr Fergus Anderson

PhD M.Ed. BSc
About Me
I currently have two main interests and areas of work. The first is as a researcher in the field of consciousness studies. In my doctoral research, which I completed in 2018, I used phenomenological and first-person methods to investigate the experience of thinking. This work is ongoing. My second area of interest is education, and particularly adult education. I completed a Master’s degree in educational action research in 2012, and have since been developing, leading and delivering post-graduate level trainings for teachers. This has been mainly through Crossfields Institute, which is an education and accreditation institute based in the UK. I moved to Denmark in 2020 and now work for Crossfields Europa, which is Crossfields Institute’s EU arm. Here my focus is on developing and delivering post-graduate courses and teaching qualitative research methods in the context of personal and professional development. I have had a very non-linear career pathway and have had two previous careers. I trained and worked first as a violin-maker and then as a filmmaker. These have both contributed in rich and diverse ways to my current activities and interests.

Areas of Expertise
My main area of expertise is first-person and phenomenological research methods, with a particular focus on cognitive phenomenology. I am trained in microphenomenology, which is a first-person method for researching micro experiences. I also have general expertise in qualitative research methods in an education context. I also have expertise in pedagogical theory and practice, particularly in adult education.


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